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Which horizons do visions of the future open and what possibilities do they close or even exclude? How might speculations about the future empower or disempower change to museums in the present? Or, as Raqs Media Collective in their beautiful contribution to the book, from which we also borrow the title for this online gathering, ask: "How Not to Accelerate in Reverse Gear"?

On the occasion of the recently published volume The Museum of the Future. 43 New Contributions to the Debate on the Future of the Museum (eds. schnittpunkt / Joachim Baur, Das Museum der Zukunft. 43 neue Beiträge zur Diskussion über die Zukunft des Museums, Bielefeld 2020) we would like to discuss individual perspectives on the sustainability of the museum and associated questions dealing with the contradictory present of economic constraints, social demands and elitist realities.

Introduction into the book and its topic by Beatrice Jaschke (/ecm and schnittpunkt, Vienna), Joachim Baur (Die Exponauten, Berlin), and Nora Sternfeld (/ecm and schnittpunkt, Vienna)
Discussion with Shuddhabrata Sengupta (Raqs Media Collective, New Delhi) and Noit Banai (NYU Shanghai) moderated by Luisa Ziaja ;(/ecm and schnittpunkt, Vienna)

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