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/ecm diskurs 37: Art in Minutes not square Meters. On Public Interventions


Freitag, 8. März 2019, 19.00 Uhr
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7, SR 22, 1030 Wien

Vortrag von Joanna Warsza (Künstlerische Leiterin von Public Art Munich)
Moderation: Nora Sternfeld (documenta-Professorin/Kunsthochschule Kassel, /ecm-Leitungsteam)

It is almost taken for granted that art functions in square meters, filling in galleries, museums and public squares. However with both the performative turn, as well as the growing importance of education and public programing, one can also think or art in square meters: as a ninety-minute football match, a 120-minute acoustic walk, a twenty-four-hour concert. Looking at the example of Public Art Munich 2018 which privileged a logic of gathering and a public moment over an art object, we will think how much time is enough? Enough to develop a context-responsive project, to get to know a site and work with its context, to slow the biennale logic? And how to give the right place to public programing and live presence? It’s hard to imagine an exhibition without a performance, discourse and education today, can we go even further and imagine them without an exhibition?